Art is like a breathing rhythm... An energy. It is a force between the ideas of “agency” and “code”: a system of actions or symbolic communication. Artists are trouble-makers who put things together and coordinate actions. They create an influx of sensory information that, on the one hand, complicates the meaning of things, and on the other, makes life more apprehensible.Yaron Yaël Maïm is a Berlin-based visual artist, performer and designer. Driven by the desire of crossing disciplinary borders, Yaron sees art-making as a paradoxical activity. The multiplicity of media that embraces different points of view shapes the singularity of their perception. They spent the first part of their life in France and Switzerland with another name, gender and language.Maïm’s works include international curatorial projects, exhibitions, screenings, workshops, theater, cinema and art performances in Europe and beyond. With a background in education, economics and art, they has an MA in Visual Arts/Critical Curatorial Cybermedia (University of Art & Design, Geneva) and an MA in Solo/Dance/Authorship (University of the Arts, Berlin).Maïm’s art focuses on specific methodologies and processes: chosen constraint, everyday life escape strategy, playful interest in language, non-conforming agency, sending handmade objects via post, serial DIY making, introvert approach toward collaboration, schizo-authorship, poor means of production and independent distribution.