yaron maïm
visual artist & performer
works drawingprint media
2018 2017  2016

Pedagogy | Participation in The 14th Annual Globalization, Diversity, and Education Conference - Power and Cultural Politics in Antiracist and Decolonial Education and Educational Research: Intersectionality, Resistance, and Survival, Spokane,
USA, February 2018.

Print Media
| Publication of the thesis book “ABGTTABT - MFS NOTLDD UDIWO - A Beginner’s Guide to Triggering a Bodytool: Material for Solometrics. Night of the Living-Dead Drawing. UnDo-It-With-Others” engaging with live drawing and art intervention. It contains the final project documentation of my practice-led research (MA SODA - Master of Arts Solo/Dance/Authorship, HZT Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin, 2016-2018), January 2018.

| Participation in Laboratory on Feedback in Artistic Processes, Uferstudios, Berlin, January 2018.