yaron maïm
visual artist & performer
works drawingprint media
2018 20172016

(Click here to see my thesis book issuu.)

ABGTTABT - MFS NOTLDD UDIWO A Beginner’s Guide to Triggering a Bodytool: Material for Solometrics. Night of the Living-Dead Drawing. UnDo-It-With-Others - is a thesis book engaging with live drawing and art interventions. It contains the final project documentation of my practice-led research (MA SODA - Master of Arts Solo/Dance/Authorship, HZT Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin, 2016-2018).

The photographs are made by Janine Iten. The huge self-made drawing on the left is 5x4m (mixed media), and the drawings  above are reproductions of risograph prints, drawn by myself and printed by We make it, presented during the performance and exhibition ‘Material for Solometrics - Night of the Living-Dead Drawing’, 12.2017, MA SODA, Uferstudios Berlin.

More coming soon...